ALPHA Game Table 2022 – Commander’s Surface



Due to the many requests for multi-mini tabletop gamers, we are proud to introduce our Commander’s Surface ALPHA Game Table.

The surface has a total weight of 40.33 lbs (10 more than the regular ALPHA Game Table), and has two flip out edges located at the far end of the play surface for storage of your printed materials, dice, and casualties.  We hope that the Commander’s Surface offers you even more enjoyment out of your game surface option.  We have a limited amount of these and will wait for feedback once they are sold out.  So far, we are really enjoying ours.  Keep in mind that these special trays can be flipped inwards when not used, and can be flipped out and locked for play, they are not detachable.  This is an ideal surface for regular play at home sessions involving standing around the play area.  The optional flip out trays offer additional real estate out of sight of the actual 6×4 surface.


  1. Carry All dust cover bag.
  2. Leg height optional attachments.
  3. Built in flip out trays for your gaming minis and components.
  4. Shipping in the continental USA included in price.

IMPORTANT: Due to COVID reduced crews we will be shipping out 20 units per day.  Please be aware that it may take up to 10 days to ship out your ALPHA.

Be sure to inspect your surface when it arrives for any damage from shipping.


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Introducing the Commander's Surface ALPHA Game Table

by Firmer Terra LLC


This is an evolution of our original ALPHA Game table in it's 5th state.  This surfaces comes with all of the additional that are standard on the regular ALPHA Game Table but also include two flip out trays that offer gamers additional space for their materials, minis, and whatever else is lying around.

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs


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