Thank you for investing in the ALPHA Game table. With proper care this unit is designed to give you a comfortable game play surface for many years. Please be sure to check out any further updates at If you should require technical support please email


SURFACE WEIGHT: The ALPHA Game Table was designed to support 45 Kilo, or 100 lbs, of surface weight dispersed throughout its area, and any 2 x 2 inch area to support at least 2 lbs. We recommend testing the stability of the unit if you plan on adding more weight (we do not recommend exceeding weight specs).

The table is intended for its original use as a play surface for tabletop games. Do not sit or stand on the unit. Always supervise children, pets, when engaging with the unit as excess weight concentrations may cause the unit to become unstable. When not in use fold the table to storage mode.

STABILITY: The ALPHA Game Table is a lightweight play surface. Test the stability of the table prior to leaning or jarring the unit. Always make sure that the locking latches are engaged when the unit is being used as a surface or while in storage mode. The unit performs best on flat solid ground (hard floors), always test the stability before playing.

SET-UP: Follow the set-up video on for any instruction. The table is designed to set-up and take down in less than 2 minutes. When flipping the unit to change modes be sure to hold securely at each shorter end with a partner. Attempting to flip this large surface space by yourself may result in damage to the hinges or structure. Make sure to be clear of all hinges when changing modes.

SURFACE: The surface of the table is designed of water resistant MDF and aluminum. If the table becomes wet use a cloth to absorb moisture. The table is rated for outdoor use, but prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture may damage the unit. The surface may become scratched if not properly handled. Most scratches will not impact the functionality of the unit. For more information go to Avoid exposing the surface to hot containers. Avoid exposing the surface to high energy impact.

Discard all packaging material properly and keep away from children.

Avoid dragging the table when in play mode. Ask someone to help you lift the unit and move it.

When in storage mode, be mindful of the table edges and surface. Make certain that the table has been properly converted in each mode and that the joints and surface edges line up properly. Avoid forcing the table during mode changes. All joints should move freely and allow for easily mode change.

Avoid blaming poor dice rolls on the table as subsurface emotional damage may result.

Be mindful where you play. Avoid high traffic paths as you are going to block 24 square feet of space.

The user(s) assume all liability when using this unit. Exercise common sense at all times. Be mindful of the fact that this is a lightweight structure. Avoid dangerous environments when playing a game.