Portable game space that moves with you

AGT-03  with additional leg extensions is now in stock!

4 feet by 6 feet 2” (we made it a little longer in order to accommodate for any 6x4 maps you may want to use).

29” Height with adjustable feet to allow for 1” perch on any surface.

30 lbs. weight allows for easy movement and storage options.

Folds down to a 7” x 18” x 48” storage case with handles for easy storage and transport

Weather resistant materials allow you to virtually set up anywhere.

Comes with a tough exterior storage bag for comfort and long-term storage


About Us

Firmer Terra LLC was created in 2016 in order to accommodate a line of table top gaming solutions.

At heart we are gamers.  We enjoy the hobby.  The issues we run into are not unique to us.  If we have these problems chances are other people are having the same problems.  We want to create products not only to add to a line of gamer solutions, but to also make for a better play experience.

Professionally speaking, we are business managers, engineers, and professionals.  Although we are playing with plastic figurines, that doesn’t mean we take our approach to business lightly.




Alpha Game Table


I put my order in as soon as the retail gate opened. Started playing X-Wing miniatures back in November. Playing on an ordinary table is ok, but if I wanted to use my 3x3 mat surface…my table didn’t cut it. Not for all the things needed to play. Started looking for a large, lightweight, folding table. Nowhere to be found. Wouldn’t you know it….someone on Kickstarter was looking to fill a need. I was too late to get in early, but I’m definitely in NOW!!! Got my table in a few weeks ago. When my friends and I opened it and flipped it over and put it on it’s legs….we were SHOCKED at how much surface there is to play on. Considering how large it is…it’s weight when folded is surprisingly light. LOVE THE TABLE. It perfectly fits the need for an easy to transport portable large gaming table. Great job Joe !!! I don’t want to leave out the customer service Joe provides either. He’s very on point if there are any issues or questions and will do whatever he can to make sure the customer is happy. Highest recommendation from me. 🙂

Playing some Dust 1947 with the boys on my new gaming table from Firmer Terra LLC. This table is not only large enough for my mats, it’s very stable,looks good and solve my issue for storage. My wife was also happy not having to see ugly sheets of plywood on our kitchen table. I would defiantly recommend this table.


Alpha Game Table

So we are table top miniatures gamers.  Whether it’s elves or space elves we play almost anything.  One of the main problems when playing mini games is finding the appropriate space at home.  Tables are long enough but not wide enough to accommodate those big area maps.

So we have to improvise.  If you play then you’ve probably had the same issue.  Build your own quasi-table that looks good only in a garage or a den, slap a huge piece of ply board on a table top and risk scornful stares from the spouse, or play on a solid space that will only provide partial surface area (MAP GAP).  Even worse, if you have a regular group then everyone has to come up with a solution.

We created the ALPHA Game Table as an entry-level surface solution.  We wanted a play area that is out of sight when it’s not in use.  The table folds up into a carry unit 48 inches by 18 inches by 7 inches in size.  It can easily slip under a bed, in a car trunk, or out of sight.  Set up time for the table is less than 2 minutes.

We wanted a solution that would cost less than your terrain, move along with your army and miniatures, and remain out of sight when not in use.

We think the ALPHA is a great addition for any tabletop gamer.  Even if you have a play surface area already this table will allow you to expand in case you have additional guests.

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