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Portable 6×4 gaming table

that moves with you.

ALPHA Game Table

Tabletop gaming innovation.

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About Alpha Game Table

We created the ALPHA Game Table to be a sturdy, lightweight, 6×4 gaming table for board games, miniwargaming, and miniatures hobby.  The table folds up into a carry unit 48 inches by 18 inches by 6 inches in size, because we wanted a play area that is out of sight when it’s not in use. It can easily slip under a bed, in a car trunk, or out of sight. Set up time for the table is less than 2 minutes.

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6×4 feet of play space when you need it. 2 minutes of set up time changes a guitar case-sized unit into over 6×4 feet of gaming table.  It’s there when you need it and out of sight when you don’t.

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“Yeah it’s a table.” we know, but that doesn’t mean we stopped making it better. The Alpha has some optional goodies like a long-term dust cover carryall bag, and our leg extenders to raise your playing field; all options included as standard.

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In 120 seconds your Alpha is transformed from a carry case into your battle surface (just have a friend help you flip the Alpha over once you finish assembly). Our weather resistant coating allows you to set up a game anywhere.  Whether you need extra space or feel like gaming outdoors.

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Don’t let 30 pounds fool you into thinking this is a weak battle surface. Tested to 100 lbs. dispersed (in its original configuration) the Alpha will stand up to pressure, during a game, better than most players. It’s designed to roll with the bumps and knocks of use.

Alpha Game Table

An Epic 6×4 Gaming Table

Our goal is to give you a battle surface as mobile as the rest of your army. The Alpha is there when you need it and it’s conveniently hidden away when you don’t. Order yours today and discover how you too “Can Make War Anywhere.”


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“It’s folded up size makes it super easy to fit in my trunk, and it’s light enough that even if I need to carry it a block or two from a parking garage it won’t break my back.”

ROB KALAJIAN, PawnsPerspective.com

” This table is not only large enough for my mats, it’s very stable,looks good and solve my issue for storage. My wife was also happy not having to see ugly sheets of plywood on our kitchen table. “

— DONALD on Facebook.com

“I don’t want to leave out the customer service Joe provides either. He’s very on point if there are any issues or questions and will do whatever he can to make sure the customer is happy. Highest recommendation from me.”

— CARLOS on Facebook.com

“Set up is indeed less than two minutes, especially with two or more people. We timed our take down, and it was 1.00 flat, very impressive.”

— RENEGADE OPEN on Facebook.com

” It folds up easily to a small size to store. It’s incredibly light. And gives you 4’x6 foot of gaming space. Seating around the table is great at any side.”

— RAY on Facebook.com

“Easy to set up, easy to put away, and it showed up very quickly.”

— STEVE on Facebook.com

“Got my table. Couldn’t be happier. I use it half open as my dining table. And open it fully for game night. Quick, light, and super easy.”

— DAVE on Facebook.com

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