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ALPHA Game Table V4.0 – ALL BLACK

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ALPHA Game Table V4.0.1.2

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We will be shipping these out beginning September 1.  Please remember that we have limited shipping amounts per day due to COVID crew reductions.  We will try to get your ALPHA out as soon as possible.

Also, please note that we are currently not shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or APO due to the surcharge in costs.  We are working on a solution for those locations and Canada. 


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ALPHA Game Table V4.0 version:

  • All black color
  • Sturdier Ribs for Support
  • Includes a CARRYALL Bag
  • New Leg Extender Organizer
  • Includes Leg Extender Set


Something to consider fellow dice rollers:
[1] Our sign-up list people will get the first emails with a link to purchase one.  If you got the email that means you are on this secret link… which kind of defeats the purpose of telling you this.
[2] Our shipping will be slow and controlled. Due to COVID reduced crews we will be shipping out 15 units per day until we catch up. This is not only related to our warehouse but also our shipper. So be patient, but understand that it may take up to 10 days for us to ship your ALPHA out depending on where you are on the pre-purchase list. Everyone will be taken care of.
[3] The inventory number you will see on the site is not the actual inventory. That number reflects how many orders we can handle until we clean up the waiting line for shipping.  If the inventory count is out then be patient as we will send you another email soon.
[4] After we have finished with our sign-up list to a point of satisfaction we will open the store for the general browsers of our gaming invention.