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Classic Meets Modern

You want a game organizer that is a center piece as well.

Practical Fundamentals

We designed the Omicron System to be useful before, during, and after your game.

Product with Purpose

You’re not only getting a classic look, you’re also supporting a tradition and craft industry.

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13″ x 11″ x 4.3″

  • Double Lock System
  • Reinforced Corners on Top
  • Various Colors Available
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  • Control your dice rolls on the large trays.
  • Use to organize your miniatures before and during battle
  • Enough tray space for two players


Frequently asked questions.

What's special about your system?

When you buy our gaming organizer you’re supporting a specialty craft industry. Our goal is to deliver a useful organizer and support a town that has been wood crafting for over 700 years.

Which colors and finishes are available?

We will post all options soon; colors and finishes.

What's up with the artwork?

These are our artwork pieces created by Firmer Terra and completed by some of the best artists out there.

Why a wooden box?

Because it looks good, it lasts a long time, and we are a company built around gamer needs. Keeping your game organized during play means quicker clean-up and fewer missing pieces.

Can you build me a custom system of my dreams?

We can try, again. Our crafts people are always up to a challenge. Most custom work is done by hand. Email us.

Which games are compatible?

Any gaming system that uses standard US or European page-size books, tokens, miniature, and tools will work.