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Adepticon - Boxes 1

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ALPHA Game Table AGT-03
Now shipping with a free dust cover bag for long-term storage and even easier transport.
Experience the freedom to enjoy your hobby anywhere you can set-up a map.  Lightweight, sturdy, and portable.  Finally, a surface solution that moves along with your army.  Alpha Game Table is delivered in the Contiguous US.
$189.99 USD
MSRP: $199.99
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Technical details.
4 feet by 6 feet 2” (we made it a little longer in order to accommodate for any 6x4 maps you may want to use.
29” Height with adjustable feet to allow for 1” perch on any surface
30 lbs weight.
• Weather resistant materials allow you to virtually set up anywhere
• Folds down to a 7” x 18” x 48” storage case with handles for easy storage and transport
• Comes with a tough exterior storage bag for comfort and long-term storage
MSRP: $189.99

The ALPHA Game Table was designed to support 45 Kilo, or 100 lbs, of surface weight dispersed throughout its area, and any 2 x 2 inch area to support at least 2 lbs. We recommend testing the stability of the unit if you plan on adding more weight (we do not recommend exceeding weight specs).

The table is intended for its original use as a play surface for tabletop games. Do not sit or stand on the unit. Always supervise children, pets, when engaging with the unit as excess weight concentrations may cause the unit to become unstable. When not in use fold the table to storage mode.


The ALPHA Game Table is a lightweight play surface. Test the stability of the table prior to leaning or jarring the unit. Always make sure that the locking latches are engaged when the unit is being used as a surface or while in storage mode. The unit performs best on flat solid ground (hard floors), always test the stability before playing.


Follow the set-up video on firmerterra.com for any instruction. The table is designed to set-up and take down in less than 2 minutes. When flipping the unit to change modes be sure to hold securely at each shorter end with a partner. Attempting to flip this large surface space by yourself may result in damage to the hinges or structure. Make sure to be clear of all hinges when changing modes.


The surface of the table is designed of water resistant MDF and aluminum. If the table becomes wet use a cloth to absorb moisture. The table is rated for outdoor use, but prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture may damage the unit. The surface may become scratched if not properly handled. Most scratches will not impact the functionality of the unit. For more information go to firmerterra.com. Avoid exposing the surface to hot containers. Avoid exposing the surface to high energy impact.

  • Shipping is included in the cost to all 48 continental US States. We deliver via FedEx insured.
  • No PO BOXES as FedEx will not deliver to such.
  • If you have a military APO please email us first. We do not ship to APO’s durance certain times of the year.
  • We are currently NOT Shipping to Canada as safe delivery costs over 170.00. We are working on this issue.

TRACKING INFORMATION: We generally manage to ship out your order on the next business day barring major holiday traffic. Shipping information is available a day after. If you would like a FedEx tracking number please email info@firmerterra.com with your name, order number, and city.

  • Avoid dragging the table when in play mode. Ask someone to help you lift the unit and move it.
  • Avoid forcing the table during mode changes. All joints should move freely and allow for easily mode change.
  • Be mindful where you play.
  • When in storage mode, be mindful of the table edges and surface. Make certain that the table has been properly converted in each mode and that the joints and surface edges line up properly.
  • Avoid blaming poor dice rolls on the table as subsurface emotional damage may result.
  • Avoid high traffic paths as you are going to block 24 square feet of space.

The user(s) assume all liability when using this unit. Exercise common sense at all times. Be mindful of the fact that this is a lightweight structure. Avoid dangerous environments when playing a game.


NOTE TO OUR COSTUMERS.  These are light packages but they are bulky and thus sometimes abused by couriers.  We expect about 5% of deliveries to have some type of wear to the packaging.  Please inspect the packaging and the contents as soon as you can.  Keep the box until you are certain that there is no damage to the table.  If you have noticed mishandling damage please email info@firmerterra.com and we will arrange for a satisfactory solution.  Pictures help.  We want you to be happy with your investment, and we want it to serve your hobby needs for years.


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I put my order in as soon as the retail gate opened. Started playing X-Wing miniatures back in November. Playing on an ordinary table is ok, but if I wanted to use my 3x3 mat surface…my table didn’t cut it. Not for all the things needed to play. Started looking for a large, lightweight, folding table. Nowhere to be found. Wouldn’t you know it….someone on Kickstarter was looking to fill a need. I was too late to get in early, but I’m definitely in NOW!!! Got my table in a few weeks ago. When my friends and I opened it and flipped it over and put it on it’s legs….we were SHOCKED at how much surface there is to play on. Considering how large it is…it’s weight when folded is surprisingly light. LOVE THE TABLE. It perfectly fits the need for an easy to transport portable large gaming table. Great job Joe !!! I don’t want to leave out the customer service Joe provides either. He’s very on point if there are any issues or questions and will do whatever he can to make sure the customer is happy. Highest recommendation from me. 🙂
Adepticon - Boxes 12
Playing some Dust 1947 with the boys on my new gaming table from Firmer Terra LLC. This table is not only large enough for my mats, it’s very stable,looks good and solve my issue for storage. My wife was also happy not having to see ugly sheets of plywood on our kitchen table. I would defiantly recommend this table.
T.M. from Florida

I’m surprised at how sturdy it is once properly setup compared to how lightweight it is. The surface area is perfect for all the games I can think of as well. Setup was super quick and easy, I only needed help flipping it over once I got the legs in. Take down was a little bit awkward while on its side, but that’s most likely because of the wood floor making it a bit unstable. I think my only suggestion for that would be to put some kind of rubber (or other non-slip material) on the side edge of the table.


I just wanted to let you know I received my table on Tuesday and it looks great! Thanks so much for creating this product. It’s definitely a big upgrade to my previous home made table.


Wow! Thank you so much! I will let my husband know about your excellent customer service. He and I both play tabletop miniature games, but I bought this as a gift for him. This table was the answer to our prayers since the houses in Alaska tend to be smaller. We needed a compact solution like your table.

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